Okuda San Miguel Interview & Time Lapse Video // Church of Cannabis

Okuda San Miguel Interview & Time Lapse Video // Church of Cannabis
April 21, 2017 Brookton
Okuda San Miguel standing under his mural at the International Church of Cannabis in Denver Colorado

Okuda San Miguel

A legendary name in contemporary art and a Spanish man from the North of Spain who now lives in Madrid. He’s global, from Tokyo to NYC, Ibiza to South America. He’s a surrealist pop artist iconized by bright colors and eccentric pattern making. It only takes a few minutes on his Instagram (@OKUDART) to realize why he’s in so many contemporary art collections; he’s a legend. Okuda mixes spray paint and all the colors of the rainbow into his new wave synth pop art. He’s a master of his own and Denver is now home to his third church mural. His work’s  new home in Denver is at the International Church of Cannabis in Wash Park and it’s already graced the cover of the Denver Post and media sources all across the state.

Okuda San Miguel signing the 120 spray paint cans that were used to complete his mural at the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado on April 20th, 2017. On sale now at the church.

Q&A with Okuda


@davidbrookton: Okay, uh, what’s your favorite color

@okudart: All the colors together

@davidbrookton: Where were you born?

@okudart: The North of Spain, but I’ve lived in Madrid since 2000.

@davidbrookton: What’s your favorite art museum in Madrid?

@okudart: I live very close to the Reina Sofía and l love it because it’s a great collection of contemporary art but I also love the Museo del Prado because I love Bosch, you know Bosch? The best work, for me, in the history of art is Garden of Eartl;y Delights by Bosch and it’s there you know, I feel like the work is close to me and close to everything.

@davidbrookton: Are there any other museums worth knowing about or artists you’re obsessed with in Madrid?

@okudart: Uh I think Colección Solo will be a really really amazing museum because it’s being put on by one of the best art collectors in Madrid. “It’s a vibrant, international collection driven by a genuine commitment to creativity and the desire to bring inspirational artworks to the widest possible audience” – http://coleccionsolo.com/ David Cantolla has some of my work and KAWS as well as other contemporary art beyond Kusama and Murakami. It’s a museum of all of his works, more than 200 pieces. The museum will be close to the other museums, within walking distance from the Prado. I think it’ll be a great project.

@davidbrookton: What about your favorite park in Madrid, do you have like a favorite park?

@okudart: Uh. I live in the city center. Close to the museums.  I’m close to the Retiro Park. I think it’s the best. Retiro Park or Temple of Debod.

@davidbrookton: What’s your favorite place to go out in Ibiza?

@okudart: There are some nice natural places, beautiful small beaches I don’t remember the names of — but clubs, maybe DC 10 (underground house techno) and the new one that will do Space of Sound Ibiza, it closed last year and the new club will open inside there. The owners are Ushuaïa, but it’s an Ushuaïa night party because normally they only do daylight parties. Me and Felipe Pantone did a piece in Ushuaïa last year (!!!), this year *maybe* we’ll be doing some sculptures for this club. Hï Ibiza is the new name of the club.  And another really nice place  that’s more low key is an old abandoned salt warehouse turned into an art space called “La Nave”, they do incredible incredible shows, Basquiat, Murakami, Bosch. Lio Malca is the owner, he’s a famous gallerist, owner and collector from New York.


Okuda standing beneath the mural he completed in a week at the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado on April 20th, 2017.

Here’s an incredible time-lapse video of Okuda’s painting