Who Is Bryant Wood? // Brookton Magazine Interview

Who Is Bryant Wood? // Brookton Magazine Interview
April 21, 2017 Brookton
Bryant Wood in front of a Kenny Scharf Mural styled in Mamadoux by Elliott Beach Interview by Brookton Magazine in Denver Colorado

Who is Bryant Wood?

In Hollywood there’s always more than meets the eye. Heartthrob Bryant Wood first appeared in the spotlight in 2015 on America’s Next Top Model. His modeling career was a success, he’s a body builder, athlete and triplet with some great genetics. It’s no wonder that the majority of the press he’s received has been about his looks, but we were able to catch up with him at the International Church of Cannabis on April 20th, 2017 and we’d like to introduce the man beneath the surface.

When Bryant isn’t busy working as an actor working on TV shows or making guest appearances in movies, he’s probably either on a jet or doing humanitarian work. Bryant is an advocate for anti-bullying and has created multiple social campaigns that were quite the success. Beyond his philanthropy he is also the executive producer for an artificial intelligence company that specializes in creative marketing called Poletus-Element. Bryant’s got a unique balance somewhere between extreme artistry in acting and an ultra-focused business mindset.

I first crossed paths with Bryant at Kyle Chan’s holiday party for the #LoveCampaign in Beverly Hills a while back, where I met Todrick funny enough. I was in Denver interviewing Okuda about his murals for the International Church of Cannabis. I recognized Bryant and we got a chance to catch up. So what does a Hollywood socialite and jet setter want to share with the world? So glad you asked.

@davidbrookton: What’s your favorite color?

@bryantwoodtv: I like dark blue, I actually started a movement called describe yourself. We had 40 million plus people get involved with over 12 million likes and comments on social media. People comment on social media describing themselves. We received thousands and thousands of comments. It was invaluable to me. After reading that many comments I started to better understand myself. I never really knew how to describe myself. Thankfully, my supporters are intellectual, spiritual, positive and motivated. There are even some dark comments too, that I am able to relate to. A lot of people are hurt and going through some stuff and it’s comforting knowing I’m not alone. You know, I couldn’t imagine that I could relate to that many people. So I printed everyone’s comments out and hung them all over my house and it went viral. I made an Instagram page called @WeAreBryantWood and just put blue over their face, my favorite color, showing that they’ve been heard.

@davidbrookton: That’s amazing.



@bryantwoodtv: Life is all about experiences. We need to be able to appreciate other people’s experiences. Different experiences are different expressions of life. What I really want is to hear people out for who they are and hear you for you. I want to know what motivates people.

@davidbrooktonSo we’re here today on April 20th at the International Church of Cannabis surrounded by some of the world’s best contemporary art. How do you feel about art?

@bryantwoodtv:  Art is a force of nature. Everyone knows about the four elements, right? In my travels, I have found art to be the hidden fifth element, the secret necessary piece of our existence. Artistic expression is the way we communicate to people who we will never meet about how we live, the way we feel, and what we see every day. This universal language is how we heal the world going forward. It is ever living. Each piece, whether on stage or hanging on a wall, speaks to us about the heart of the person who created it. Art is how people of all faiths and walks of life can stand in awe of the work of one soul, and know true beauty is in front of them. That beauty brings us together in good times and bad, and helps us understand one another so much better than a textbook ever could. The power of art is our earthly galaxy; we all look at the same stars, and they touch our lives in different ways. Such is life, Such is art.


Bryant Wood wearing Mamadoux by Elliott Beach in front of a Kenny Scharf mural at the Church of Cannabis in Denver

Bryant Wood and Okuda San Miguel enjoy Okuda's mural at the Church of Cannabis in Denver Colorado on April 20th 2017

Bryant Wood and artist Okuda San Miguel in Denver underneath Okuda's Mural at the opening of the Church of Cannabis on April 20th, 2017.


Story by @davidbrookton

Hoodie by @_mamadoux_ by @elliottbeach available at mamadoux.com