Dance Yourself Clean @ Larimer Lounge

Dance Yourself Clean @ Larimer Lounge
March 26, 2017 Brookton
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Dance Yourself Clean?

It’s a Los Angeles Saturday night favorite at the Satellite in Echo Park. But now it’s taking over Larimer Lounge in RiNo Denver. It’s like church. You go and there’s super good music and you dance and have a really good time. Tunes include: Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Purity Ring, Pheonix, Passion Pit and many many more. Oh and I ran into Amy wearing a silk Picasso jacket…

It sells out fast.

$20 at the door (after service fees) is not much to pay for the quality of this venue my friends. Not to mention drinks are dirt cheap. If you make it in the door, come boogie with us. Buy your tickets in advance!

Aurora Borealis at Dance Yourself Clean Denver Larimer Lounge

Alright, Denver.



Where’s the best brunch spot?

Any other events I should know about?

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