15 Questions with Chester Lockhart

15 Questions with Chester Lockhart
May 15, 2017 Brookton

15 Questions With Chester Lockhart

Chester Lockhart is a musician, signer and songwriter. He’s currently on  Todrick Hall’s Straight Outta Oz tour. We got a chance to photograph and interview him during their stop at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado.

CHESTER LOCKHART by Brookton Magazine
CHESTER LOCKHART by Brookton Magazine
CHESTER LOCKHART by Brookton Magazine


@davidbrooktonWhat’s your favorite social platform?

@chesterlockhart: I love Instagram because it’s so straight forward. I can be silly one day, moody the next and pretend to be Beyoncé in between.

@davidbrooktonHow does it feel to be the new elvis presley (your milky masculine voice and super future style).

@chesterlockhart: HAHAHA I would never ever try to compare myself to the king but I’m trying to embrace all of my weird aspects and stand out from the ~basic~ crowd.

@davidbrooktonWhat is it like being on tour with your best buds?

@chesterlockhart: It’s very subtle and low key 100% of the time. Jk it’s surreal and and explosion of hugs and giggles all day. I feel sure grateful to share these experiences with my best friends.

@davidbrooktonDo you have any fun projects you’re working on? (*subliminal*when does your next album come out*subliminal*)

@chesterlockhart: I maaaaayyyyyy be finishing a lot of material and it MIGHT come up out later this summer

@davidbrooktonWhere did you grow up?

@chesterlockhart: Born and raised in Southern California in the Inland Empire where I was like the only gay person in existence.

@davidbrooktonWhere do you live now?

@chesterlockhart: Now I mostly live in LA sometimes kinda in Vegas or New York. Is that a weird answer?

@davidbrooktonDoes it feel like the right place for you?

@chesterlockhart: LA is my favorite place where I feel truly at home.  The weather, the beach, the people… it all just feels right.

@davidbrooktonWhat’s traveling on a country-wide tour like?

@chesterlockhart: Getting to see so many people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, religions, etc. from across the world is so eye opening and makes me truly appreciate all the things that make each of us special. You become kinder and smarter when you see things from someone else’s point of view.

@davidbrooktonWho are your biggest inspirations right now?

@chesterlockhart: I’m a huge Prince and Bowie fan, so their passing last year was devastating to me. I have always loved the ways they both completely committed to their artistic ideas no matter how outrageous they were. I especially loved how they both didn’t care about gender norms which was so groundbreaking then and now.

@davidbrooktonWho are you biggest #instagramcrushes? *subliminal*Will you introduce me to Jermey Scott?*subliminal*

@chesterlockhart: Am I being hypnotized? There’s a lot of subtext in these questions. I think my biggest insta crush is @Sideara who is a really good friend, gorgeous superhuman who owns her own wacky outre fashion line, acts like Meryl Streep and sings like a goddess.

@davidbrooktonWhat’s your spirit animal?

@chesterlockhart: Spirit animal is a fruit bat cuz I’m kind cute and fluffy underneath the whole black vampire thing.

@davidbrooktonWhat’s your sign?

@chesterlockhart: Aries, henny.

@davidbrooktonHave you ever had your fortune read by a fortune teller?

@chesterlockhart: I’ve always been terrified to have my fortune told because i don’t want to hear about my failures… so I’m just living my life rn

@davidbrooktonIf you could play a hater or bully in high school a scene from your life, what moment would it be?

@chesterlockhart: I let them see the outcast or bullied kids that come to Straight Outta Oz and say how much it means to have these weird happy freaks on stage telling their stories about not fitting in. It’s really rewarding to see so many teenage versions of myself in the audience who are thriving and happy for 2 and a half hours each night.

@davidbrooktonAre my questions too intense? y/n? lol

@chesterlockhart: Fave interview ever. Iconic.


CHESTER LOCKHART by Brookton Magazine